By pairing unbridled fierceness with an unexpected sensitivity and bringing both to each and every role, Kristina Teves has quickly captured the attention of some of Los Angeles' most respected and award winning stage directors and theatre companies. This recent graduate of the prestigious UCI undergraduate acting program brings curiosity to her characters, intent to her work and passion to her craft.



"Kristina Teves played Constance, Arthur’s mother. She was by far the best in the cast. Particularly in Constance’s grieving scene, which can so easily slip into campy melodrama. She masterfully conveyed Constance’s overwhelming grief without chewing the scenery"

- M.Monika


"Special notice must be given to Kristina Teves. She doubles in several roles, and is emotionally superb as Scrooge's one love: her face is a wonder of emotion."

-John Farrell


“Kristina plays Hamlet with conviction and soul."

-Rebecca Aranda


"What makes her such a good actor is her thirst to know why and how the mind works.”

-Don Hill


"Valerie (Played by Kristina Teves) is especially appealing, her story brings everyone straight up when it's told"

-John Farrell